"Signal 2.0" will help to understand the "Customer profile"

    10 January

Rosbank implemented the system of borrowers' financial behaviour operational monitoring "Signal 2.0". It is engineered by The National bureau of credit histories (NBKI). The system will inform the bank on core changes in all credit obligations servicing process of borrowers on a daily basis. This innovation will help us to better understand our customers' profile, their needs and capacity.

"We want our system to be constantly improving to meet the market requirements. "Signal" helps us to see a borrower's service process of credit obligations to all his creditors almost in real time. It is necessary for understanding risk profiles of borrowers, their current debt burden and discipline in servicing of current loans. "Signal" allows us to improve the efficiency of working with current customer profile and carry out the prevention of deterioration of payment discipline of borrowers if necessary, " - notes Olga Mahova, the head of retail credit risks and prevention of fraud department of Rosbank.

"More efficient work with the current customer base remains one of banks main goals. More clear understanding of needs and capacity of their borrowers, allows leading banks to prevent defaults, improve the efficiency of settlement and cross selling, increase the profitability and customers' loyalty, " - believes general director of NBKI Alexander Vikulin.

Every triggered signal will be forwarded to the bank without any request sequent an event. The system provides 17 types of events which trigger signals, such as opening of new accounts / closing current accounts, uprise / growth / decrease of overdue payments, changes of inpayments, request of credit history etc.