Small business is one of the drivers of Rosbank profitability growth in 2018

    11 April

Rosbank actively develops the small business direction. It showed great results at the end of 2018 by increasing a net income by 47% in comparison with 2017. The number of new customers increased by 58% last year thanks to a new multichannel sales model.

Total number of small business accounts in 2018 grew up to 145 thousand, where 23% of them are registered in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Rosbank works with entrepreneurs from all the industries, whereas the companies of service and retail industries represent the major part of the customers.

Small business as a separate business line was formed in Rosbank in 2017. During this time we made a great amount of work on the improvement of products and the optimization of processes. We achieved significant results for 2018. Today, we serve small business customers in more than 300 Rosbank outlets throughout Russia. Our advantage is in a well-balanced service pack aimed at needs of an every customer-from starting entrepreneurs to seasoned companies.

We aim to create conditions in Rosbank where entrepreneurs are served as individuals. This year we will present a new platform of remote banking service that, apart from extended functionality, can grant a double access as a retail customer and as an entrepreneur via one app. Moreover, we plan to expand a partner product line in order to satisfy all the needs of customers to the maximum”, Maxim Lukyanovich, Director of Small Business Department of Rosbank.

The acceleration of the loan application approval for small entrepreneurs and the improvement of loan products led to the increase in lending in two times in Rosbank comparing to 2017.

A new service called E-Trading was launched for the customers that work with foreign currency. It is a service for an online currency exchange for a profitable rate. Moreover, Rosbank as a part of Societe Generale Group has a unique expertise and it is able to offer optimal terms for customers that work in the sphere of foreign economic activities.

In 2018, a financial leasing for small business became available in Rosbank. It allows buying a car or a special vehicle. Herewith, the speed of application approval and the sum of overpayment are one of the lowest on the market.