“Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni” is among the growth leaders in 2017

    10 November

“Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni” LLC has become one of the growth leaders on the market of investment life insurance.
According to the joint research of Banki.ru and “BiznesDrom” company, the activity of “Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni” on the market of investment life insurance has grown up by 3,6 times in the first half of 2017, in comparison with the same period of the last year.
The launch of the “Multifond” strategy is one of the key factors that influenced sales growth this year. The strategy was developed by the experts of Societe Generale Group specially for the clients of Rosbank. It consists of equally measured cart of 5 European funds. “Multifond’ strategy was added to the existing line of programs and as a result, in the beginning of 2017 3 strategies were available for the clients, namely “Multifond”, “Shares Portfolio” and “Global Economy”.
Clients can choose the investment direction on the basis of the preferences on the risk level and profitability.
In the middle of 2017 “Societe Generale Strakhovanie Zhizni” also launched the program of investment life insurance in USD and offered clients a new investment period of 5 years with the right to get a tax rebate. Therefore, clients got an opportunity to choose not only the direction of investment but also currency and maturity period.
You can find out more about the life insurance programs following this link.