The ATM network migration to TranzWare platform is successfully finished

    10 May

Rosbank and Compass Plus successfully finished the migration project of ATM network to a processing solution called TranzWare Online.

The project included the deployment of ATM-host in the bank and the migration of all the ATMs from external processing center to our own platform. The integration of TranzWare Online program with IT infrastructure of the Bank was carried out during the realization of the project in order to provide the execution of all the operation in real time mode.

An agility of the solution in monitoring and ATM network management and competitiveness of services offered by the bank with a focus on the fully remote customer service in ATMs as well as the opportunity to modify and create new services in short time by Rosbank employees were the major requirements for the software provider during the realization of the project.

Today, apart from the cash-in and cash withdrawal, the execution of various payments to more than 800 service providers, card-to-card and card-to-account transfers, loan payments for Rosbank, DeltaCredit Bank and Rusfinance Bank and other services are available in the whole ATM network of Rosbank (about 2200 devices all over Russia).

Zinaida Yastrebtseva

Director of Card Technology Department of Rosbank

The implementation of TranzWare Online product and the migration of an ATM network to our own processing system led to unification and expansion of the scope of remote services in ATM network for our clients.

“A successful realization of the joint project with Rosbank that heads the list of the most reliable banks in Russia according to Forbes and that is a part of one of the leading world financial groups, confirms the fact that the solutions of Compass Plus comply with the world highest standards,” Dmitry Lenshin, Regional Development Director of Compass Plus.