The Central Bank of the Russian Federation registered an issue of 01 series structured bonds of PJSC ROSBANK

    22 January

On 20 January 2020, the Bank of Russia  registered an issue of the structured bonds of PJSC ROSBANK and assigned a register number of 6-01-02272-B on the sum of 10 billion rubles with a payment period at day 1820 from the date of the placement. The bonds are to be placed with closed subscription among qualified investors. This issue is the first bond issue based on credit risk bin without 100% capital protection in the whole history of Russian pubic debt market that was registered by the Bank of Russia. The structured bonds of PJSC ROSBANK are the analogue of Credit Linked Notes that corresponds with modern world practices.

Rosbank, being a part of an international financial group of Societe Generale, is one of the leaders of Russian bond market and it is not the first time when it registers new products for the local market, including the bonds with mortgage coverage by DeltaCredit Bank and structured notes of PJSC ROSBANK with 100% capital protection. We plan to develop the current products further and to promote the new ones in a close collaboration with market regulators, market infrastructure and our clients. An important criterion for us is to comply with the best practices and values of Societe Generale including those associated with the development of a “green” and “social” financing”, Tatyana Ambrozhevich, Director of Debt Capital Market Department of Rosbank.