The first coupon rate of the bonds of JSC “Holding Company “Metalloinvest” of BO-04 series defined as 6.55% per year

    14 February

On 6 February 2020, application book was closed for the purchase of the bonds of JSC “Holding Company “Metalloinvest” of BO-04 series with a total nominal of 10 billion rubles. Revolving period for the bonds is 10 years (3640 days) from the moment of the start of the placement. Coupon period is 6 months (182 days), a nominal price of a bond is 1000 rubles and the price for the placement is 100% from the nominal. A call option is in 3 years with purchase price of 100.5% from the nominal and a put option is in 6 years. PJSC Rosbank acted as one of the organizers of this issue.

The initial guideline of coupon rate was 6,70 – 6,85% per year. The investors submitted approximately 40 applications and a total demand exceeded 32 billion rubles. A great interest from the market to the issue during the book building led to the reconsideration of coupon guideline and to affirm the final rate on the level below the previously announced range, on the level of 6,55% per year.

"Historically, the lowest coupon rate was recorded not only for the company, but also for all corporate issuers for a period of 5+ years. The issue of JSC "METALLOINVEST "BO-04 became the most successful among Russian companies. The transaction structure chosen by the issuer's team, with a call option in 3 years and a put option in 6 years with a maturity of 10 years, allows the company to manage its debt as efficiently and flexibly as possible," Tatyana Ambrozhevich, Director of the Debt Capital Market Department of Rosbank.

The technical placement of the bonds took place on 12 February, 2020 on the Moscow Exchange.