The first exchange bond coupon interest of PJSC ROSBANK series BO-002R-04 was identified as 8.95% per annum

    30 January

On January 22, the book for accepting applications for the purchase of PJSC ROSBANK exchange bonds of BO-002P-04 series with a total value of 10 billion rubles was closed. Circulation term is 3 years (1098 days) from the date of commencement of placement, the coupon period is 183 days. The nominal value of the bonds is 1,000 rubles. The placement price is 100% of the nominal value. An analytical credit rating agency assigned a "AAA (RU)" credit rating to a bond issue.

The initial benchmark rate of the 1st coupon was identified as 8.95-9.10% per annum, which corresponds to the yield to repayment (YTM) in the amount of 9.15-9.31% per annum. During the day, the coupon benchmark dropped twice to the level of 8.90-8.95% (YTM 9.10-9.15%).

According to the results of the book formation, the first coupon rate was identified as 8.95% per annum (yield to maturity - 9.15% per annum), which is 117 bp to the OFZ curve.

48 applications were submitted by investors in the course of marketing.

According to Aleksander Ovchinnikov, Financial Director of PSJC ROSBANK, the money received as a result of issuing bonds will be used to lend to businesses and individuals.

The technical placement of securities took place on January 29, 2019 on the Moscow Exchange.

The placement was organized by PJSC ROSBANK.