The initial coupon rate of the bonds of PJSC ROSBANK of BO-002R-06 series was defined as 7,55% per year

    06 September

The book for applications on the purchase of bonds of PJSC ROSBANK of BO-002R-06 series with a total nominal sum of 15 billion rubles was closed on September 4, 2019. The maturity period of the bonds is 3,5 years (1281 days) from the moment of the beginning of the placement. Coupon period is 6 months (183 days), nominal price for bonds is 1000 rubles and the price of placement is 100% from the nominal.

The initial coupon rate guidance is 7.70-7.90% per year that complies with efficient profitability to the payment of 7.85-8.06% per year. The initial indicative volume of the deal is not less than 10 billion rubles.

A high interest of investors to the issue during the application collection allowed to increase the issue volume to 15 billion rubles, to reconsider the coupon guidance and establish a final rate on the level of 7.55% per year, it is lower than an initial range and complies with the profitability of 7.69% per year.

Overall, 42 applications were submitted by the investors and a total demand exceeded 28 billion rubles.

“Despite the volatility on the world financial markets due to the escalation of a trade war between the USA and China, an active demand on Rosbank bonds allowed to mark the issue with the lowest rate among the placed financial institutions from the beginning of the year. This event confirms the high credit quality of Rosbank as a borrower on the debt capital market. That is why we are fully satisfied with the results of the deal closure and we want to thank our investors for the trust they put in us”, Alexander Ovchinnikov, Member of the Management Board, CFO of Rosbank.

The technical placement of the bonds will take place on September 12, 2019 at Moscow Exchange. The organizer and placement agent is  PJSC ROSBANK.