The limit for the amount of purchase without confirmation by PIN-code was increased for contactless Visa cards

    15 April

Purchases with contactless Rosbank Visa cards have become more convenient. According to the terms of Visa payment system, from April 12, the limit for maximum amount of a contactless purchase in shops without PIN-code confirmation was increased from 1000 to 3000 rubles.

Nevertheless, the decision on accepting the purchase under 3000 rubles without the confirmation is taken by the bank that provides services to a shop. Consequently, in some shops you still may have to confirm your payment with a PIN-code if the purchase exceeds 1000 rubles. Rosbank, as an issuer of Visa cards, cannot influence the decisions of a shops and a bank-provider.

The limit for the amount of purchase without PIN code confirmation for contactless MIR or Mastercard cards remains to be 1000 rubles.