The rate of the first coupon of stock bonds of PJSC ROSBANK of BO-002R-05 series is defined as 8,50% per year

    23 April

The application book for the purchase of PJSC ROSBANK stock bonds of BO-002R-05 series with a total nominal of 10 billion rubles was closed on April 18. The maturity of the issue lasts two years (732 days) from the moment of placement. The coupon period is 6 months (183 days), nominal cost of a bond is 1000 rubles and the price for placement is 100% from the nominal. The initial benchmark of the coupon rate was 8,50-8,65% per year, that correlates with efficient profitability for the payment 8,68-8,84% per year. The initial indicative volume of the deal was no less than 5 billion rubles. The high interest of the investors to the issue increased the issue volume to 10 billion rubles, reduced the coupon range several times and defined the final coupon rate on a low border of an initial range – 8.50% per year that corresponds with the profitability of 8.68% per year.

38 applications were submitted by the investors and general demand exceeded 17 billion rubles.

“We are pleased to see a high interest of investors to our issue, the second in a row in 2019. The funds received after the bond issuance will be transferred on the lending of individuals and legal entities”, Alexander Ovchinnikov, Member of the Management Board – Chief Financial Officer of Rosbank.

The technical placement of the bonds will take place on April 26 at Moscow Exchange House. PJSC ROSBANK acts as an organizer and agent for the placement.