Working hours of Rosbank offices on holidays

    27 October

Dear clients!

We inform you on the change in the working hours of Rosbank offices due to the celebration of the National Unity Day.

Rosbank as a systemically important bank and an international, socially responsible company, continues to serve customers, process their banking transactions, pay salaries to their employees, issue and credit funds to them in compliance with all precautions in the interests of employees and clients.

At the same time Rosbank urges you to comply with the recommendations of federal and local authorities, Rospotrebnadzor and healthcare bodies and not to leave your homes unless it is necessary, to use the wide range of remote services to receive banking services you need. At the same time, if a visit to the bank's office on holidays cannot be postponed, we recommend you to plan it in advance to carry out all the operations, including making payments under loan agreements.

Changes in the schedule due to the National Unity Day:

Offices working on 5-day schedule:

  • November 3  – working day, without 1-hour reduction;
  • November 4 – non-working holiday;
  • November 5, 6, 7– holidays
  • From November 8 – standard working hours.

Offices working on 6-day and 7-day schedule:

  • November 3  – working day, without 1-hour reduction;
  • November 4 – non-working holiday;
  • November 5, 6, 7– working day according to holiday schedule

All necessary financial transactions can be carried out in Rosbank branches.

You can find the nearest office to you here.

You can also perform various banking operations using alternative Rosbank service channels:

Internet Bank and the Rosbank Online mobile app

The safety and well-being of clients, partners and employees is an absolute priority for Rosbank, so we recommend you to use the Internet Bank or the Rosbank Online mobile app to get banking services. It is a convenient alternative to visiting a branch, which significantly saves time and helps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading.

Our mobile app offers the opportunity to get services and perform a wide range of everyday financial transactions, including repayment of current loans, currency exchange, payment for mobile services, housing and utilities, taxes and fines, without visiting bank branches.

Contact Center

You can also make transactions on the account through the Contact Center of Rosbank:

  • get detailed advice on accounts, cards, loans, deposits;
  • manage services;
  • change the attributes of the main account on the card;
  • order an urgent reissue of the card;
  • activate or block your bank card;
  • manage the parameters of 3 DS and SMS services;
  • connect Internet Bank and mobile app.

You can also ask a question and get an answer in a chat with a bank employee in the Rosbank Online app.


At Rosbank ATMs, you can:

  • withdraw funds from the account;
  • make monthly payments for loans (in Rosbank ATMs with cash-in function). In order to pay for the loan via ATM, the funds must be deposited to your debit card, to which the repayment account is linked. The write-off will be made automatically on the set date;
  • deposit funds to the credit card of Rosbank. To do this, use the "Deposit funds" service at the Rosbank ATM, the funds are credited online.

To repay loans of Rosbank Dom and Rosbank Auto, use the service "Repayment of loans" at Rosbank ATMs.

To select the nearest ATM, call the Contact Center or use the link.

We congratulate you with the National Unity Day!

Your Rosbank