Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility – the effective tool for the creation of healthy society.

Best CSR bank in Russia

Best CSR bank in Russia

Rosbank won the "Best CSR Bank in Russia" nomination, having got the "Global Banking and Finance Awards 2018" of the Global Banking and Finance Review magazine.

    Ilya Polyakov

    Chairman of the Board

    For Societe Generale, the notion of “responsible attitude” lies at the heart of all business lines. Financial institutions do not think for years, but for decades, that’s why they, like no one else, are interested in supporting positive changes. Societe Generale's slogan “The future is you” reflects our commitment to working for clients, the economy and society as a whole. You can find the reflection of these words in all our projects in the field of CSR.

    • Social Responsibility
      Rainwater collecting ecological project
      The Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Apothecary Garden" and Rosbank introduced the unique system of collecting rain water for watering of plants which for 20 % will save a water consumption from a city water supply system.
    • Social Responsibility
      Accessible environment for people with disabilities
      Rosbank took the 2nd place in rating in top 20 Russian banks on the level of adaptation to needs of customers with disabilities.
    • Social Responsibility
      Appreciation for environmentalfriendliness of head-office
      Rosbank received 4 stars from 5 possible "Green Offices of Russia 2017" in independent rating for careful attitude to the used resources.
    • Social Responsibility
      Waste management program
      Within the stock "Green Office" Rosbank transferred to processing more than 100 tons of waste paper, about 600 kg of batteries and accumulators.
    • Social Responsibility
      Charity run within Citizen Commitment Time
      Rosbank holds an annual charity run. In 2018 by its results 1,655,122 rubles on programs of the early help to children with Down’s syndrome have been assembled.
    • Social Responsibility
      General sponsor of Art Gallery of the European and American Countries
      In May 2016, Rosbank and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts entered into a three-year cooperation agreement to preserve and promote one of the world's best collections of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings, as well as make the Gallery more accessible for people with sensory impairments
    • Social Responsibility
      The All-Russian program for social businessmen and NPO "Start up Differently"
      In 2018 Rosbank together with community Impact Hub Moscow started the All-Russian competitive program "Start up Differently" for the social entrepreneurs andnon-profit organizations improving life of people with disabilities.

    Our beliefs

    We are convinced that sustainable development of business is inseparably linked with improvement of social climate, increase in education level, cultural development and sport, responsible attitude to the environment. Rosbank is among the largest corporate philanthropists and patrons of Russia. We regularly implement the humanitarian, cultural and sports projects. 

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