Corporate clients

Corporate banking is one of Rosbank’s primary activities, all areas of which it is engaged in developing by offering domestic and foreign clients a full range of first-class banking products.

The corporate clientele consists of a variety of large and mid-sized companies and includes many flagships of the national economy. Regional and municipal governments also comprise an important part of the Bank’s wholesale customer base.

The sector distribution of Rosbank's corporate clientele is developing over time, resulting in better diversification across various industries. Currently, in terms of business volumes, the most important industries are considered ferrous/non-ferrous metals, machinery/engineering and oil/gas. However, Rosbank does not give preference to any particular economic sector and seeks to attract sound companies from all industries. In particular, Rosbank is targeting fast growing segments such as telecommunications, services and retail trade, which are now increasing in importance.

The product mix offered to corporate customers includes

  • various types of loans,
  • accounts in Roubles and foreign currencies,
  • payments and settlements,
  • trade finance services, including guarantees, letters of credit, factoring, pre-and post-financing facilities
  • a range of deposit products,
  • payroll services,
  • operations with precious metals,
  • foreign exchange and securities trading,
  • custody services,
  • asset management.

The Bank aims to continue developing its corporate banking business by expanding its range of products and increasing product quality and competitiveness. The key steps in this process will include enhancing of investment banking services and creating further credit and other banking products for SMEs.


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