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Factor №1 in Russia

Factor №1 in Russia

among the international factors and on export factoring

Rating of Association of the factoring companies, QI 2019

“Rosbank Factoring” (“RB Factoring” LLC) is an individual solution based on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The company's growth dynamics is more than 100% – in the race for that Rosbank Factoring is ahead of the Russian factoring market as a whole.

The company is focused on improving of the quality of services and modernization of IT solutions for clients.


We offer all types of factoring for the business:

  • Domestic:
    • With recourse
    • Without recourse
    • Reversible
    • Agency
  • International:
    • Import factoring (via FCI)Export with recourse
    • Export without recourse
      • Via FCI
      • With the application of insurance


FoundedDecember 10, 2007
Authorized capital6,078 million rubles
Ownership Structure100% – Rosbank Group
Director GeneralOleg Vindman
Number of employees30 people

For suppliers

  • Collateral free financing:
    • Replenishment of the working capital
    • Reduced cash gaps
  • Credit and liquidity risk management:
    • Protection against a delinquent payment by the buyer
    • Protection against a non-payment by the buyer (for factoring without the right of recourse)
  • Improved balance sheet indicators:
    • Financing without recording transactions in the balance sheet
    • Improved financial ratios
  • An opportunity to increase sales:
    • Providing a prolonged delay to customers
    • Development of the customer base
    • Solving strategic tasks by obtaining or increasing a deferred payment
    • Increasing import volumes on deferred payment terms
    • An opportunity to work with several suppliers within the same limit


For buyers

  • Receivables management (for export clients):
    • Collection of receivables to monitor the timely receipt of payments
    • Debtors’ solvency check
    • Payment monitoring and reporting to supplier
  • Free service due to payment of commissions by the supplier
  • Covering the risk of non-payment by the buyer on deferred payment contracts
  • Flexibility regarding minimum amount and number of invoices
  • No credit load on the balance