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Rosbank offers corporate clients to purchase leased fixed assets:

  • railway transport;
  • cargo, passenger and private transport;
  • construction and road machinery and equipment;
  • lifting and conveying machines;
  • real estate;
  • trade and printing equipment;
  • special, farm and agricultural equipment;
  • IT & telecommunication equipment;
  • other types of equipment.

Advantages of Leasing Against Credit

  • Leasing
    The contract rate is 2–5% lower due to tax savings.
  • Leasing
    Longer financing terms.
  • Leasing
    Comfortable conditions for payment of advances, payment schedules, etc.
  • Leasing
    3 days decision on a credit if the amount of the transaction is up to 100 million rubles.

In Rosbank leasing services are provided by a subsidiary company - RB Leasing LLC. You can find more information about the company and leasing products at http://www.rosbank-leasing.ru/.