Business Cash Management

Rosbank offers a wide spectrum of banking services for improving operational and financial effectiveness of company, working capital optimization, mitigating risks and reducing costs.

  • Settlement and cash services
    The opening and maintenance of all bank accounts in Russian rubles and foreign currencies including in profitable banking service packages.
  • Remote banking services
    Advance online banking with wide possibilities allowing to securely manage finances: Internet Client-Bank, SWIFT, HOST2HOST.
  • Liquidity management
    Concentration of the cash in multiple bank accounts into a single master account and funding group accounts for payments between the pool participants. Interest is accrued on balance of account at fixed or variable rate. Arranged overdraft is available.
  • Business card solutions
    Convenient card solutions to reduce operating costs, the round-the-clock account access to funds of company and control costs. Types of cards: the corporate, customs cards, cash-in / cash-out. Acquiring services.

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