Rosbank gives sponsorship to commercial banks in the organization of work with payment service providers Visa, Mastercard and «МИР» with maintenance.

  • Reliably
    High level of reliability and service quality confirmed by high ratings and belonging to Societe Generale Group.
  • 15 years
    More than 15 years of experience in payment systems maintenance.
  • Sponsorship
    Personal payment systems advisor.
  • Sponsorship
    Advisory support and maintenance of full range of projects in paymentsystems.
  • Sponsorship
    Free training seminars.
  • Payment systems settlements carried out through sponsor bank.
  • Settlements are made through payment systems accounts.
  • Interbank commission amounts to sponsored banks are made without fees.

Fully functional processing companies:

  • United Card Services Joint-Stock Company based on software product of OPENWAY Systems Ltd (ucscards.ru);
  • BPC based on SmartVista (www.bpcbt.com).

Ivleva Yulia Alekseevna
Head of The Payment Systems and Bank Department
+7 495 721 95 48, ext. 133 82
Yivleva@rosbank.ru или cards@rosbank.ru 

Yudina Natalya Igorevna
Head of The Sponsored and Agent Banks Department
+ 7 495 662 13 00, ext. 133 84
Natalya.Yudina@rosbank.ru or cards@rosbank.ru