Rosbank offers credit programs to  private clients for a various purposes.

Mortgage programs allow to purchase an apartment, a country house, land or receive a shortfall on the existing real estate mortgage. The maximum term is 25 years.

With car loans you can purchase a new or a used car as quickly as possible and with a minimum package of documents. The maximum term of car loans is 5 years. The minimum down payment is 0%.

Consumer loans are granted for any purpose. Loans are issued for a term of up to 5 years. The maximum amount depends on the client’s category and loan collateral.

For an instant access to credit funds  you can use a popular banking instrument - a credit card with a grace period of 62 days.

For regular customers with positive credit history, payroll customers, employees of reliable companies or state-owned enterprises, the bank has designed special credit conditions. Credits can be repaid ahead of schedule without commission.