For Expatriates

Dear expatriates,

International Desk for individual customers is glad to welcome you in Russia and to give you some practical advices and recommendations on peculiarities of banking services in Russia.

  • To open a Russian bank account
  • To manage your accounts
  • Incoming or outgoing transfers 
  • Purchases and banking cards usage
  • Rent payment
  • Your partner/spouse and children
  • To make savings
  • To repatriate your funds

We will make you feel at home!


You need to open Russian bank accounts

To make transfers to/from abroad, to receive your local salary, to pay school for children, to make rent payment… To fulfill all these operations you will need current accounts.

Account opening procedure is simple and takes just a few steps.

  1. Arrange a meeting with one of our International Account Managers.
    Please, contact the International Account Managers via the Call Center by tel. 8 800 200 54 34
  2. Prepare your visit

    Following documents are required for accounts opening:

    — Passport (notarized translation of the Passport could be required)
    — Russian visa
    — Migration card that you receive at airports
    — Notice of registration in Russia delivered by your Enterprise or a Hotel and that contains your official address in Russia unless you are a holder of highly qualified specialist visa
    — Work permit (if applicable)

  3. Сome to the office and see the account manager
    International Account Managers will consult you on Rosbank SG products and services and options to simplify the management of your accounts and cards. Taking into account your daily banking needs we will help you to choose a package of banking products that will satisfy your highest requirements

  4. Get your bank details to be able to make necessary transfers on accounts immediately
  5. Come again in 6-7 working days and get your banking card

    NB: Your Account Manager is always available on his/her mobile. Do not hesitate to contact us if having any question on your accounts/cards or Rosbank other products and services.


How to manage your accounts

Your Account Manager will be available to help you with daily banking services.

You can also get access to different distant banking services such as Internet or mobile banking which will make your life easier.


Incoming or outgoing transfers

Incoming transfers are subject to no charges. It’s enough to communicate the bank details of your new accounts to Sender’s Bank.

Transfers to/from your foreign accounts can be done from/to accounts in foreign currency only; rubles accounts to be used for local transfers within Russia.

Conversion between your accounts is done at internal exchange rate with no additional commission.


Purchases and banking cards usage

Banking cards are getting more and more popular in Russia. Accepted by most shops and big service providers, especially in big cities, banking cards will allow you to make cash withdrawals and payments both in Russia and abroad.

You can choose from a full range of banking cards proposed by BSGV: Visa or Mastercard, from classic cards to Platinum ones. Purchasing limits and ATM Cash Withdrawal limits depend on the type of card. Each type of card offers various privileges and benefits also.

NB: There is no commission for cash withdrawals with BSGV cards in ATMs of Rosbank.

To protect your banking cards better, we would strongly recommend you to subscribe to banking cards insurance program that will allow you to get insurance compensation in case of fraud on lost/stolen card and ATM assault.


Rent payment? It’s easy!

We would advise you to avoid cash payment for apartment that you will lease in Russia. Payment via banking transfer would become an additional guarantee of secure relations between you and the landlord.

NB: To organize your rent payments we will require a copy of signed tenancy agreement with the landlord’s bank details in it.

We would recommend you to agree fixed rent amount in RUB, EUR or USD with your landlord. That will allow us to organize an automatic regular transfer scheduled on the exact date every month and will save your time and money as you won’t have to think about the date of the rent payment. Besides, the bank commission for such type of transfer is much lower than for standard transfers.

Don’t worry if your landlord fixes the rental in EUR or USD but wants to be paid in RUB according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia on the date of payment. Your Account Manager will make all necessary calculations. You will have to present signed application for the transfer only.


What about your spouse/partner and children?

Joint accounts do not exist in Russia. But it is always possible to make a power of attorney for performing certain actions within authorized limits only or for full management of your accounts including their closing.

You can also get supplementary Visa or MasterCard cards attached to your account and issued for a third person (your spouse, child, etc.).


How to make savings?

Our bank offers you different possibilities to make savings via fixed term deposits or savings accounts in RUB, EUR or USD. Please address your Account Manager for conditions. All the income gained is net.


Repatriate your funds

At any moment you can repatriate your funds with no restriction to your personal account in another country.