Remote Banking Services


Pay for municipal services, cellular and internet service without service fees, taxes or penalties

  • Transfer from card to card, from account to account
  • Currency conversion
  • Open and replenish your deposit
  • Loan payments
  • 24/7 funds control
  • Cash withdrawal and deposit

Safe banking

Follow three simple but important rules:

  • Keep the PIN-2 code separately from the bank card and user ID card
  • Do not tell your password to anyone. Even to the staff of the bank
  • Use only authorized app stores to download online bank applications. Use the official AppStore (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) app stores to download the app to your smartphone

Contact center

  • 24/7 assistance anywhere in the world
  • Use the services of contact center specialists and get information on current accounts, products and special offers
  • 24-hour support
  • Resolution of any issues
  • Information on accounts, bank products and special offers