The official app
Account management, payments and transfers, opening of deposits and repayment of loans, information on bills and cards. For registration, you need a bank card and a mobile phone.
Corporate Entities
The system allows you to independently monitor the status of your accounts in real time, make payments and use other banking products.

Remote banking services

For clients who want to keep in touch with their Bank, Rosbank proposes the ROSBANK Online service.


The “Internet-Bank/ ROSBANK Online” service allows to access your banking accounts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and from all over the world, and is totally free of charge.

  • You can access ROSBANK Online service just by using your PC or Notebook connected to Internet! To use it, you don’t need to install on your computer any special programs. You can confirm the operation through SMS-passwords
  • If you have a smartphone (iOS or Android), you can also download the ROSBANK Online mobile application from the official markets (AppStore or Play Store)


The “Internet-Bank ROSBANK Online” service allows the client to process the following operations:

  • to open deposits at a better rate than deposits opened in outlets;
  • to get information about your accounts, deposits and loans, anytime 24/7;
  • to make online utility & mobile payments on preferential tariffs or free of charge;
  • to carry out external/internal operations in national and foreign currencies at a better rate than in outlets*;
  • to carry out operations under the deposit’s accounts, loan repayments;
  • to make currency exchange;
  • to get duplicates of payment orders;
  • to open savings accounts;
  • to connect autopayments for mobile phones and recharge automatically the balance of your account;
  • to block/unblock your cards;
  • to fill in the on-line application for issuing/reissuing of the cards;
  • to manage settings in the “Internet-Bank” system.

A more detailed information about all options of the “Internet-Bank/ROSBANK Online” system you can find in full version of the “User Manual”.

*Functionalities can slightly differ between Internet-Bank and the mobile application ROSBANK Online. For more information please check-out the User guide (hereunder, in the information support)




Use the text messaging service to follow and keep track of your account cash flows.

You will receive a text message following each transaction you make (when withdrawing cash at ATMs or cash offices of Rosbank or any other bank, or when making a cashless payment for products or services).

In order to subscribe to the service, the holder of the Rosbank emitted card should address personally to one of the Bank’s outlets and fill in the requested form.

The Text messaging service is available for clients of the following mobile operators: MTS, Beeline & Megafon.


Information about all options of the “Internet-Bank” system you can find in full version of the “Internet-Bank ROSBANK Online User Manual”.

Information about all options of the “ROSBANK Online mobile application” you can find in full version of the “ROSBANK Online mobile application User Manual”.

If you have any questions about subscribing to a service or connecting to the new ROSBANK Online mobile application, please contact any of Rosbank outlets.


Should you have any questions about what to do when using the ROSBANK Online mobile application, please call Rosbank Contact Center at:

8 800 200-54-34
(toll-free throughout the Bank operating regions);

+7 495 789-88-77
(for calls from any location globally).

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