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Marie-Christine Ducholet
Member of Rosbank Board of Directors
Head of Clients for Retail Banking Activities in France
Marie-Christine Ducholet has an MBA from the HEC Graduate School of Management in Paris.
Career path
Marie-Christine Ducholet began her career in Societe Generale Group in 1985. From 1990 to 2001, she held various positions in the Structured Finance Division, where she was involved in financing of construction and real estate investments. In 2001, Marie-Christine moved to the Division of Strategic Acquisitions and Financing of the Group's Corporate Investment Unit, where she initially supervised relations with French and Spanish, and then all European customers. In 2008, Marie-Christine became the Co-Head of the Global Division of Strategic Acquisitions and Financing. In April 2011, she joined the management team of SGEF, subsidiary of the Group for leasing and financing transactions related to the acquisition of equipment. Starting from October 2011, Marie-Christine is the CEO of SGEF. In 2017 Marie-Christine Ducholet was appointed Head of Clients for Retail Banking Activities in France.
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