Alexis Lacroix shared his vision of the market at the Retail Finance Forum

Alexis Lacroix participated in the Retail Finance Forum which is annually held since 2010 and gathers experts of retail banking community. This year more than 250 representatives of retail banking sector took part in the forum.


Alexis Lacroix delivered his speech at the plenary session devoted to the current conditions of the Russian retail banking market, Rosbank retail business strategy, prospects of remote banking and bank’s regional network in 2016. He highlighted that Rosbank's strategy proved its efficiency and that the bank will pursue it in 2016. According to Mr. Lacroix, Rosbank is planning to finish optimization of retail network in the first half of 2016 and further relocate its offices based on their operational efficiency assessment. Deputy CEO confirmed that Rosbank is not going to leave any region of its presence. After the speech Alexis Lacroix answered the questions of participants.

Professionals of the banking sector discussed results of the year 2015 and retail market dynamics in 2016. During discussion participants also touched upon a wide range of issues including expectations for the market, regulator’s activity and innovative technologies, which might contribute to the development of retail banking business under new market conditions.


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