Charity Run of Societe Generale Group companies in Moscow

On May 30, the Charity Run of Society Generale Group in Russia employees was held in the Tsytsin Main Botanical Garden of Russian Academy of Sciences. The event was attended by representatives of Rosbank, Rusfinance Bank, DeltaCredit bank, Societe Generale Insurance and ALD Automotive.


The Charity Run was organized together with Downside Up Fund, which helps families bringing up children with Down syndrome. The main run was held in a circular system, with a distance of 800 meters. About 300 people took part in the competition and each of the participants received a special chip that recorded the meters passed. The event also included runs for children aged 6-9 years and 10-13 years old for a distance of 300 and 600 meters accordingly and also a Fun Run, which required creative approach to the image to win.

For each meter of distance, passed by the participants, Societe Generale companies in Russia will transfer 1 ruble to Downside Up. The total amount collected by the participants of the main run was 1 125 000 rubles; during the registration, as well as by the results of the Fun Run, children and youth runs 176 648 rubles have been collected. This year 1 301 648 rubles will be totally transferred to Downside Up.

The Charity Run organized by Societe Generale Group in Russia, has been held for the fourth time. During this time companies collected 4 121 648 rubles. The funds were transferred to individual and group programs for early help to children with Down syndrome from birth to 7 years.

The partners of the Charity Run were: the company "PELICAN AUTO" (the official dealer of ŠKODA), the catering company "Chico" and the gift certificates shop "PS Box ".


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