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Choose your complex insurance program

Rosbank starts a pilot project to issue complex customers insurance in 50 bank's offices. Customers will be able to purchase an insurance product 'Megapolis'*, which will provide protection of property and decoration in the apartment or house, civil liability to the neighbors, protection of bank cards, personal belongings, as well as the life and health of the most relevant risks.

Insurance program provides property and furnish protection in the customers apartment or house from natural disasters (water damage, falling on the insured property of trees, or parts thereof, pylons, etc.) and from illegal actions of third parties and others. The policy also includes liability insurance in case of damage to life, health or property of others. In addition, the policy covers the costs of legal services.

Bank cards issued by Rosbank and by other banks in the name of the insured as well as the funds on the card account are the insurance subject. In addition, under the protection against accidents will be life and health as well as personal belongings.
At the stage of the pilot project Rosbank offers  two options of the program with a cost of 4999 rubles or 6999 rubles. The cost of the program depends on the size of the selected insurance coverage.
Cities participating in pilot project of Rosbank are Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan, Krasnodar and Anapa.

"We continue to develop our products and services in the field of bancassurance. And now, thanks to the integrated approach, Rosbank clients can issue only one product that will provide them with protection against a wide range of the most common risks. Maximum coverage can reach 750 000 rubles", commented Mikhail Chamrov, director of retail products and marketing department.

In August 2015, Rosbank proposed customers an ability to arrange travel insurance policy 'Rosbank Travel'* through the bank's website. 'Rosbank Travel' policy is a complex insurance product for people who travel abroad or in Russia.
Earlier Rosbank also offered its clients a comprehensive financial solution - investment life insurance. The service allows the investor to obtain a potentially higher yield with market growth and not to lose the invested funds if the market trend changes.
You can get more detailed information about the 'Megapolis' insurance program on the official website of Rosbank or in the Contact Center by phone 8 800 200-54-34 or in a bank's outlet.


*insurance product of AlfaStrakhovanie OJSC


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