DeltaCredit Bank and Rosbank are completing transformation of Societe Generale mortgage business in Russia

The transformation process began in November 2014 and has lasted for eight months, during which the control of mortgage business has transferred in several stages from Rosbank to DeltaCredit in more than 320 cities in 69 regions of Russia.


The final stage covered Perm, Primorsky and Kamchatsky Territories, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Kalmykia and the Yakutia Republic, Omsk, Amur, Volgograd, Astrakhan and Sakhalin regions. In Rostov region, as well as in Khabarovsk, Tomsk and Seversk the process will be completed in July 13, 2015. Now, DeltaCredit becomes the unified mortgage platform of Societe Generale in all federal districts. Rosbank offers to its customers mortgages in accordance with programs and standards of its mortgage bank subsidiary, while borrowers sign the loan agreements with JSC ‘CB DeltaCredit’. Borrowers can serve their mortgage loans in the offices of both banks.

The transformation of the mortgage business was carried out within the project 'Societe Generale Russia Mortgage platform' which has been worked out in accordance with the Strategy of Societe Generale Group retail banking development in Russia for 2014-2017. According to the project, Rosbank implements its wide capacities as a universal bank, while DeltaCredit becomes a unified mortgage center in order to improve the efficiency of both credit organizations.

Alexis Lacroix, Rosbank Deputy CEO: ‘We consider development of the mortgage business of the Group in the specialized bank as more effective. Our customers will benefit from the high quality of Delta Credit's products and services, and for their convenience can service their mortgages in the offices of both banks and via distant channels. Rosbank will promote and sell Delta Credit mortgage and invest to develop our own offering of daily banking and unsecured lending’.

Irina Aslanova, DeltaCredit Deputy CEO: 'With opening of new branches, DeltaCredit is already presented in 19 regions, covering 13 of the 15 Russian million plus cities. The development of direct sales channel is important for us as well as leveraging on Rosbank's multi-million customer base. Positive results of transformation are already visible: it will make the products of DeltaCredit Bank more accessible to the population and it will help to strengthen the position of DeltaCredit Bank in the domestic mortgage market'. 


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