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Didier Hauguel appointed Chairman of Rosbank Board of Directors

At the first meeting members of Rosbank Board of Directors had unanimously elected Didier Hauguel its Chairman. Didier Hauguel has been a member of Rosbank Board of Directors since July, 2010, and since May, 2012 he has been holding the position of its Chairman and Societe Generale Chief Country officer for Russia.

Rosbank Board of Directors new membership was elected at the extraordinary meeting of shareholders held on March, 6 2014. The reelection of the Board of Directors reflects recent changes in the joint stock capital of Rosbank. In December 2013 Societe Generale Group, the bank’s major shareholder, acquired the VTB Group’s 10% stake in order to strengthen its commitment to the Russian market, increasing share in the bank’s equity capital to 92.4%. Dmitry Olyunin, CEO of Rosbank, became a member of the Board of Directors on March, 6 2014. Earlier on December, 2 2013, he was appointed Chairman of Rosbank Management Board. The 11th of March 2014 marks Dmitry Olyunin first 100 days in office.

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