Dmitry Olyunin told EFIR TV Channel about Rosbank development prospects in Tatarstan

Dmitry Olyunin during his working trip to Kazan branch took part in the ‘Gorod’ news programme at the EFIR TV Channel and commented on the situation in the banking sector and Rosbank prospects in Tatarstan and Russia in general.

According to Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin, the banking system has overcome the acute situation with liquidity. After panic in December, the confidence of the population in banks has been restored. This is evidenced by the growth of deposits and accounts’ balances. And despite this year is expected to be complicated, Rosbank is going to use the situation for growth and development. Rosbank is included in CBR list of Russian core credit organizations. According to CEO, in the nearest future Rosbank plans to use huge potential of the republic.  

Dmitry Olyunin noted: “We have launched new mobile bank and totally renewed our package offerings for retail customers. Now we cooperate with the Agency of credit guarantees to strengthen our offerings for small enterprises companies. Therefore the question is not in surviving, but in long-term development, particularly, we see a huge potential in Tatarstan.

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