Dmitry Olyunin took part in the ‘Actions program’ on PRObusiness TV Channel

Dmitry Olyunin took part in the ‘Actions program’ on PRObusiness TV Channel. The programme was hosted by Anatoly Aksakov, president of the Russian regional banks association and Vitaly Bogdanov, general producer of TV channel, who discussed the current situation in the banking sector with Rosbank CEO. 

Dmitry Olyunin assessed the events in the economy of previous year-end and their consequences for the financial system of Russia. According to him, the situation has become stable, macroeconomic factors became more moderate. Banks strategies have been also changed: banks moved from the goals of survival to long-term plans realization. Then the focus of discussion has been changed to measures taken by the regulator to support the banking sector. 

Rosbank CEO commented on the lending market situation where Rosbank together with Rusfinance Bank and DeltaCredit takes the 4th   place in Russia by portfolio volume.  According to Dmitry Olyunin, the situation in mortgage lending started equalizing in particular due to newly implemented program of interest rate subsidizing on the primary real estate market.

In the end of the discussion Dmitry Olyunin mentioned that both banks and customers are willing to overcome the crisis and turn to active and stable growth.

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