Dmitry Olyunin took part in the “Segodnya. Glavnoe” programme on RBC TV

Rosbank CEO Dmitry Olyunin took part as an expert in the programme  "Segodnya. Glavnoe" on RBC TV.

The main theme of the programme was the changes in the approaches to supervision in the banking sector. Dmitry Olyunin explains that the Central Bank today is aimed at early detection of signs of doubtful assets, the poor quality of these assets and the direction of all efforts to prevent bankruptcies than to eliminate their consequences. According to the expert, the Central Bank intends to do its activities on the banking sector revitalization more predictable and focused. 

Dmitry Olyunin also notes that the banking community welcome the activities of the Bank of Russia to revoke licenses. He thinks that such a policy is preventive and enabling to identify problem banks at the early stage. 

According to the Rosbank CEO, a number of measures to support Russian banks undertaken by the Government and the Bank of Russia is long-lasting. Nevertheless, the Central Bank may cancel the extraordinary measures related to the weakening of the regulatory requirements in order to make financial reporting of banks more transparent. According to Dmitry Olyunin, the Central Bank holds dialogue with the banking community.

The urgent problem of liquidity and capital adequacy in the banking sector has been also discussed in the programme. According to Dmitry Olyunin, liquidity problems are not of current interest today due to the reduction in the interest rates in the interbank and the debt markets. As for the capital adequacy, there is no general trend for all banks. This problem can be relevant for retail banks that operate in the segment of mass lending and suffer losses today. However, according to the expert, the situation in the banking sector in general has a positive trend.

The question of the key rate reduction was discussed at the end of the conversation. Dmitry Olyunin noted that in the corporate segment the market already expects further reduction of the rate by the Bank of Russia, and, in his opinion, is ready for it.

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