Loans to small enterprises: a new insight into overdraft

Rosbank increased availability of its Overdraft product for small and micro enterprises.*

Now, it’s not necessary to be a client of Rosbank to apply for an overdraft - the turnover on the current account in any bank is taken into account when setting of the overdraft limit. Now you can arrange an overdraft without providing collateral. The maximum overdraft limit is increased up to 50% of the amount of monthly receipts to the current account.
“Our focus on the needs and preferences of clients in the changing market conditions is the main Rosbank goal, which allows us building a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers in a most effective way”, said Mikhail Chamrov, Head of Retail Product and Marketing Department of Rosbank.


For more information about the product please follow the Overdraft page .

*Entities and individual entrepreneurs with annual sales revenue up to 400 million rubles