Maria Mosina took part in the ‘Business and Banks’ programme on Pro Business channel

Rosbank HR-Director Maria Mosina took part in the ‘Business and Banks’ programme on PRO Business channel. TV presenters discussed with the HR-Director the bank's human resources policy, the priorities in the field of personnel management and the company's values. Maria Mosina emphasized that HR-policy of Rosbank is conducted in accordance with the business development strategy of the bank. The priorities in the field of personnel management are: development of employees and corporate culture, the formation of continuity among employees, competent management of compensation policy and staff remuneration.


Maria also told about the values of the bank and the way of interaction with customers. Since the beginning of 2015, Rosbank has implemented a new model of leadership that focuses on a proactive approach aimed at understanding and anticipating customer needs. According to this model, employees are viewed as internal customers of the bank. At work employees are guided by values, which are common for the whole Societe Generale Group: team spirit, commitment, innovation and responsibility.

During the discussion there was also raised the question about automation of processes in the field of HR. Maria Mosina told about the tools used by the company, about the online portal, which allows to find a suitable job position, and also told about distant learning of employees and staff performance appraisal program.

At the end of the program Maria Mosina noted that today the bank is actively developing the institute of HR business partnership that allows to build balanced relationships with clients and employees.

‘Business and Banks’ is a programme about the banking business, economics and finance, banks and enterprises. Guests of the programme are the heads of well-known banks and large Russian companies. TV presenters are Ekaterina Volkova, Director of Strategic Development and Marketing Department of IBM hardware in Russia and the CIS and Svetlana Solovykh, producer and TV host of the "PRO Business" channel.

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