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8 800-200-54-34 Toll-free calls within Russia
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More than 21 000 users downloaded “ROSBANK Online” application

Mobile application "ROSBANK Online" has been downloaded by more than 21 000 users during the first month after launch.

Shares between the owners of smartphones and tablets on the iOS and Аndroid platforms, who download the application, distributed in almost equal proportions: 51.5% came from mobile devices on the platform Android (11,161 downloads), and 48.5% - on the platform iOS (10,540 downloads).

Since the launch of the application there are 500 downloads in average daily. Currently, "ROSBANK Online" is activated by more than 11000 people who have accomplished 97000 banking operations.

Customers, who installed "ROSBANK Online", can take an advantage of a wide list of options to effectively manage their finances 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Payment services for more than 1,200 companies-providers without commissions online;
  • Transfers in rubles at rates discounted up to 50%;
  • Adding funds to pay off the loan;
  • Transfer of funds from one account to another and from one card to another;
  • Placing deposits in rubles at a higher percentage than in the bank (surcharge of 0.3 percentage points) and manage them;
  • View your account balances, and credit cards, as well as payment history and details of their accounts;
  • Currency exchange between your accounts;
  • Use templates for recurring transactions.

The public part of the application will allow any user to easily find a branch or ATM, get information about exchange rates, as well as news and promotions from Rosbank partners.

The further information on the new mobile application can be found on the website page «ROSBANK Online». 


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