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Net profit of the banking group SG in Russia amounted to RUB 3.1 bln for 2016 according to IFRS

During 2016, the banking group Societe Generale in Russia* (hereinafter - the Group) significantly improved its financial result, earning a net profit of 3.1 billion rubles compared to a loss of 9.2 billion rubles in 2015. In the second half of 2016, the Group's results have already moved to the positive zone and only for the 4th quarter amounted to 2.8 billion rubles.

Despite the difficult economic environment, the Group's activity in the Russian market largely recovered compared to 2015. In particular, the growth of the active customer base has resumed, the volume of lending to individuals is returning to pre-crisis level, and to legal entities has even exceeded it, that allows the Group to maintain its market position in the retail business and increase market share in the corporate business.

*Rosbank, DeltaCredit, Rusfinance Bank and their subsidiaries


Key achievements in retail business

The 2016 retail loans production increased by 35% compared to 2015, while still remaining below the 2014 level (-22%). As a result the Group continues to maintain a leading position in the retail lending market, increasing the market share of issued loans from 3.4% to 3.6%, mainly in the segment of consumer lending where the market share increased from 2.2% to 2.6%.

At the same time, the Group maintains a leading position in the mortgage and car loan market due to strong performance of specialized subsidiaries DeltaCredit and Rusfinance Bank.

DeltaCredit is in the top 5 in terms of mortgage loans issuance (according to the analytical center Rusipoteka) with a market share of 3.1%. The total volume of mortgage loans issued in 2016 is by 44% higher than in 2015, while the quality of the ruble mortgage portfolio is much higher than the average market indicators. As of December 31, 2016, the 90+ delinquency in the DeltaCredit ruble mortgage portfolio is amounted to 1.21%, compared to the market rate of 2.65%.

Rusfinance Bank consistently ranks in the top 3 banks in the car loan market with a market share of 13.5%. In 2016 the total volume of car loans is by 28% higher than in 2015. The bank continues to participate in the state program of preferential car loans occupying the second place in terms of the volume of issuance (according to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Trade).

In 2016, Rosbank successfully continues to enlarge its client base: the number of new customers attracted in 2016 is by 33% higher than in 2015, the portfolio of active clients grew by 1% thanks to innovations in the field of daily banking services, as well as effective synergies with the corporate business. In Q4 2016 Rosbank, together with the international payment system Mastercard and GC O'KEY, launched the debit card "ROSBANK O'KEY Mastercard". Rosbank Visa Platinum Sverkhkarta+ is recognized as the most attractive card for customers with an income above the average - about 130 thousand rubles per month, according to RBC.


Key achievements in corporate business

As part of the international group Societe Generale, Rosbank continues to increase its share in the market of banking services to the largest Russian and international companies. The volume of loans issued in 2016 by 29% exceeds the indicator of 2015 (excluding forex effect).

Societe Generale / Rosbank are the leaders on the Russian syndicated lending market with a share of 23.5% (according to the Bloomberg news agency). Main transactions with the key customers during 2016 organised in co-operation with Societe Generale:

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