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New appointments to Rosbank top management

Andre-Marc Prudent will be appointed First Deputy Chairman of Rosbank Management Board*. Replacing Francois Bloch, Andre-Marc will be specifically in charge of the supervision of the Finance, Risk, Human Resources and Compliance functions, as well as the Strategy Coordination Center. Heads of these functions will report to Andre-Marc directly. After four years in Russia, Francois Bloch, First Deputy Chairman of Rosbank, will take on new responsibilities within Societe Generalе Group.

Ilya Polyakov will be appointed First Deputy Chairman of Rosbank Management Board*. In addition to his current responsibilities as head of Corporate block in Rosbank and head of Coverage for Russia/CIS (Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking), Ilya will supervise Capital Markets and Investment Banking activities.

Arnaud Denis will join the Management Board of Rosbank as First Deputy Chairman* to take over Alexis Lacroix current position and responsibilities as head of Rosbank Retail block. Additionally, Arnaud will coordinate Societe Generale Group retail activities in Russia performed by Rosbank, Rusfinance Bank and DeltaCredit Bank.

After six years in Russia and having headed Rosbank retail business transformation, Alexis Lacroix, Deputy Chairman of Rosbank Management Board, will leave Rosbank to become President of the Management Board of Eurobank*, Societe Generale retail bank in Poland.

* All Management Board appointments are subject to the relevant authorization from the Central Bank of relevant countries.


Andre-Marc Prudent started his career in Societe Generale Internal Audit team in 1980 and in 1987 became the Head of Societe Generale Team for capital market activities, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance and capital investments. He occupied that position until 1994 when he became Deputy Head of Financial Management of the Group and in 2001 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Retail Banking outside France. In September 2006 he was appointed Vice-President of the Managing Board of SKB in Slovenia and in June 2010 he became Chief Executive Officer of that bank. In September 2011 he joined Splitska banka, Societe Generale retail banking network in Croatia, as the Chairman of the Managing Board.

Ilya Polyakov joined SG CIB in 2001 and after having held various positions related to the natural resources sector, he served as the Head of Natural Resources and Energy Department for Russia/CIS. In October 2010, Ilya was appointed Senior Banker. In April 2011, he became Global Co-Head of Metals & Mining within the Natural Resources and Energy Department. In February 2013, Ilya Polyakov was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Rosbank. He also holds the position of the Head of Coverage and Investment Banking for Russia/CIS, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking.

Arnaud Denis has 23 years of experience in banking. He held management positions within the Societe Generale Group in the fields of retail financial services, corporate & investment banking and auditing. He has been with Eurobank SA, Societe Generale retail banking network in Poland, since 2009, at first as Member of the Supervisory Board, then Vice-President, First Vice-President and from April 2013, as President of the Management Board. After having coordinated Eurobank business model transformation program and directly supervised the Bank’s industrial platforms, Arnaud was in charge of overseeing the audit, compliance, PR and Voice of Customer areas.


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