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Rosbank Is in TOP-5 Leading Russian Bonds Issues Underwriters'

CBonds information agency has published underwriters' league tables for the Russian domestic bonds market for the first half of 2015. Rosbank entered the TOP-5

Rosbank is in TOP-5 leading Russian bonds issues underwriters'. In the first half of the year Rosbank took part in the 15 market issues of 14 issuers totaled 32,7 bln rubles. According to the agency, the number of corporate and municipal borrowers increased. Cbonds notes that in the second quarter of the year the number of "market" issues including the bank placements has increased. The total amount of underwriting quota exceeded the performance of the first half of 2014 totaling 478 billion rubles.

"Since mid-April, we have been observing a significant increase in the number of market placements. Partly positive influence was caused by cash inflows in the private pension funds. In addition, a number of issuers have entered the market for the first time over the past year and a half. Rosbank has taken a strong position among the leading banks in the bond market, and plans to continue to participate actively in the organization of the market placements, the number of which, according to our estimates, will continue to grow in the second half of the year",- said Anton Kiryukhin, Head of Rosbank Debt Capital Markets Department

CBonds underwriters' league tables include financial institutions which gave a guarantee to issue a certain volume of placements being organizer, co-organizer, underwriter or co-underwriter. League tables take into account real volume of bonds placement.

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