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Rosbank Volga branch opened a credit line for OMK in amount of 6 mlrd rubles

Volga branch has signed revolving credit line agreement with “Vyksa steel works” (OMK plant) in the amount of 6 mlrd rubles. The agreement provides for the granting of credit in rubles, dollars and euros. Funds are provided to the plant for general corporate purposes and credit obligations’ refinancing.

Oleg Vindman, Rosbank Volga branch regional Director, comments: “Rosbank started cooperation with “Vyksa steel works” in 2006 and now it is one of the bank’s strategic partner. The company demonstrates good growth rates and is being one of the most technically equipped companies at the metallurgical market. We plan to strengthen the cooperation with such companies providing them a wide range of modern banking services and products.”

In 2016, the Bank financed JSC "VSW" under the agreement for a credit line with a 2 billion rubles limit.