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Rosbank and Fanuc Russia will present the robot-artist at INNOPROM

Rosbank and Fanuc Russia will present an interactive Robot-artist at the International Industrial Trade Fair INNOPROM in Ekaterinburg. From July 10 to July 13 the delegates and the speakers of the exhibition will be able to take part in the creation of the picture in the impressionistic manner featuring St. Basil’ Cathedral.

The robot will scan colours of those guests clothes, who would like to take part in the drawing, and will make several touches of the appropriate colour on the canvas. On the project website every participant who assisted robot artist can found himself on the picture.

Denis Sotin, Member of the Management Board, Rosbank CIO: «The first stage of our interactive project has been recently finished in Sokolniki Park in Moscow. Over two weeks the robot-artist has created two pictures in the impressionistic manner: «St. Basil’ Cathedral» and «The Arched Alley of Sokolniki». We managed to attract public attention to the synthesis of new technologies and art. More than 4500 people took part in the creation of these pictures, which exceeded our expectations almost twice».

An extraordinary artist aroused genuine interest among the guests of Sokolniki Park. The robot finished the first painting one day ahead of schedule, despite the cloudy weather. 1764 guests of the park helped him in the creation of «St. Basil’ Cathedral», inspired by the clothes of which the robot made 20210 touches in 6 days instead of seven. The second picture became even more popular: 2744 people helped to paint the Arched Alley of Sokolniki Park in the impressionistic manner. This work took the robot a little bit more than a week, for this period of time he made 35720 touches on the canvas. In order to let all people willing to participate in the creation of the picture, it was necessary to make a small change in software, increasing the number of touches.

The style of impressionism was not accidentally chosen: this artistic movement originated in France and glorified such names as Monet, Pissarro, Degas, Renoir and other artists. The main difference between impressionism and other styles is drawing with jerky touches. The robot will work in the same technique.

You can follow the stages of the creation of the painting on the project website.

Thanks to information partners: «Antenna» magazine, Woman's Day Internet portal, «Bankovskoe obozrenie» journal, the Metro newspaper, Cnews, Inc. portal, The National Banking Journal.

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