Rosbank and Multimedia Art Museum summed up results of the ‘Silver Camera 2014’ competition

On June 30, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow / Moscow Museum of Photography summed up the results of 15th anniversary competition for the best picture story of Moscow ‘Silver Camera 2014’ and announced the winners in the three traditional categories: ‘Architecture’, ‘Events and Everyday Life’ and ‘Faces’.
For fifteen years, the primary goals of the contest, established by the Government of Moscow and the Moscow Department of Culture, are the creation of photo chronicle of modern Moscow and the support of Russian photographers.


In the open competition both amateurs and masters of Russian photography could participate. This year's contest received more than 550 photo series shot in 2014. About 500 pictures were selected for the exposure. Reports made to the ‘Silver Camera 2014’, talk about the reconstruction of VDNKH, holidays and festivals, The March for Peace, family values. Many private stories of residents, through which reveals the image of the capital were sent to the contest this year.

Works of participants of the contest were evaluated by the jury headed by director of the Moscow Museum of Photography Olga Sviblova.

For many years Rosbank supports the contest. Elena Kojadei, Director of Corporate Communications and Advertising Department, presented the prize to the winner in the category ‘Architecture’, and noted the contribution of the contenders in the preservation of the history of Moscow for future generations.


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