Rosbank and Rusfinance Bank in TOP-10 best credit banks Information Agency has published the ranking of the most successful banks by the results of 2015. Rosbank and Rusfinance (Societe Generale Group) took the 8th and 7th position respectively in the ‘The Best Credit Bank’ nomination. The survey took into account such areas of lending as cash loans, mortgages, credit cards and car loans. Besides, analyzed such criteria as retail loan portfolio, the range of proposed loan products, the volume of loans to retail customers issued during 2015, the share of non-performing loans, the dynamics of retail loans issued within the year, the number of products included into credit ratings, as well as the assessment of the bank by customers and correlation between the bank’s responses to customers and the total number of customers’ claims. The survey was held among banks included in TOP-200 in terms of net assets as of January 1, 2016.

Rosbank included by the Bank of Russia in the list of 10 systemically important credit institutions. The capital level of Rosbank is sufficient to cover all types of risks and achieving tactical and strategic goals of business development. The values of the required capital ratios are significantly higher than the Bank of Russia requirements.


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