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Rosbank clients can now use Faster Payments System without commission

Rosbank clients can now use Faster Payments System without commission

On February 28, 2019, Rosbank clients got an access to transfer funds to accounts in other banks through the Faster Payments System.

The service allows performing money transfers in rubles to various banks only by the recipient’s mobile phone number 365 days a year 24/7.The transfer of funds occurs online. At the first stage of the system work - until June 1, 2019 - the transfer of funds from Rosbank to third-party banks will not be charged.

“Digitalization of financial services and services is a priority area for the Rosbank development. That is why Rosbank was one of the first who joined the Faster Payments System. During February, we successfully completed the testing phase of the system and from February 28 we opened an access for customers, - commented Damian Leclercq, director of the Retail Products and Marketing Department of Rosbank. - Today, more than 40% of our customers use remote banking services, and we expect that by the end of the year this indicator will reach 60%. We hope that the system will increase the convenience of inter-bank transfers and will be demanded by customers”.

Faster Payments System can be used through the ROSBANK Online mobile application and the Internet Bank in the “Payment for Services” section.

The transfer is made by the recipient's phone number, which you can enter manually or select from the contact list. After that, the client will be presented with a list of financial organizations - members of the Faster Payments System for the money transfer to the recipient. If the recipient has provisionally selected the bank to which he prefers to receive the transfers, the funds will be credited to his account “by default”.

Rosbank recommends its customers to choose Rosbank as a bank, to which transfers will be credited “by default” when first using Faster Payments System service. This will allow the sender of the payment not to indicate each time the bank for sending the transfer via the Faster Payments System.

Bank of Russia is the operator of System of instant payments, the operational payment clearing center is the National Payment Card System.

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