Rosbank closed books for bonds series BO-11 and BO-12 at 9.80% p.a.

On December 13, 2016 Rosbank closed two books for its bonds series BO-11 and BO-12 in total amount of RUB10bn, with 10-year maturity, 3-year put-option and semi-annual coupon periods. The bond notional is RUB 1 000.

Initially the coupon guidance was set at 9.80-9.95% (YTM 10.04-10.20%) and the issue volume was RUB 5.0bn.

The issue managed to attract substantial investor demand. The book was formed by 40 investor bids exceeding RUB 20.0bn in volume.

As the result, the coupon guidance was lowered to 9.70-9.80% (YTP 9.94-10.04%) and the placement volume was raised to RUB 10.0bn (from the initial RUB 5.0bn). The books closed at the coupon rate of 9.80%.

The placement will take place on the Moscow Exchange on December 20, 2016.

The net proceeds from the contemplated bond issue will be used to finance Rosbank Group ambitious growth plan.

"We are very pleased with the substantial interest shown by investors in our bond, - commented Jean-Philippe Aractingi, CFO and Deputy Chairman of Rosbank Management Board. - This high demand confirms that capital markets view Rosbank as one of the very best and solid investment among banks in Russia", he added.

Sole arranger – Rosbank
Technical underwriter – Rosbank 


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