Rosbank headed the best banks’ contact centers ranking

Rosbank headed the best bank’s contact centers ranking. The ranking was prepared by Frank RG research company. During the rating preparation Frank RG experts studied the efficiency of the call centers of the 20 largest banks in 2015. The Frank RG specialists made seven "mystery calls" to each of the banks. Employees of call centers was asked to describe the conditions for cash loans in the amount of 200 thousand rubles per year (rate and late fee), the maximum deposit rate for the amount of 500 thousand rubles per year, and give advice on effectively investing of 700 thousand rubles.

Consultation of call centers operators was evaluated by three groups of parameters: general parameters (quality of communication, the presence of advertising in waiting time, correct information about response time, etc.), call rating (call duration, courtesy of the operator and others.) and the accuracy of the information provided (correct answers to the questions). For each parameter the bank was estimated from A (best) to F (worst). The final score for each bank shows the sum of the average scores.

Rosbank showed the best result in seven out of eight criteria: the average waiting time, average response time, knowledge of information on cash loans, knowledge of information on deposits, calls on cash loans, deposits and calls for to the bank's products.

According to Frank RG experts, in the banks – rating leaders dialogue between customers and operators in the large number of cases leads to the deposit or loan issuance. So, about 30% of Rosbank loans have been issued via the contact center.

"Rosbank Contact Center is one of the key channels of customer service for more than 9 years. In accordance with the strategy of business development contact center is focused on increasing of customer satisfaction, efficiency and service quality, as well as technical development. The average response time to the customer in 2015 is 20 seconds, for VIP-line - 4 seconds. In order to ensure quality control of information on products and services provided to customers of the bank our colleagues in the quality department, among other activities make "mystery calls". All this allows us to increase customer loyalty, identify the key areas of development and preserve the leading position of our contact center in the ratings", said Rosbank Retail Channels Director Victoria Selezneva.


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