Rosbank offers special terms of service for corporate clients

Starting from June 1st to December 31st, 2015, Rosbank offers special conditions on service for corporate customers that are not yet connected to the Internet Client-Bank. Rosbank Internet Client-Bank allows customers to make online transactions between current, credit and deposit accounts; to manage payroll projects; to simplify the work of accounting department and to save money and time on daily operations by reducing the number of visits to the bank*.
Advantages of Rosbank remote service:


  • Access to accounts of legal entities within the group of companies;
  • The system of multi-level signature and the distribution of users’ roles;
  • A wide range of operations on finance management and financial analysis;
  • Modern safety standards - e-token;
  • Convenient payment forms and templates for repeated operations;
  • Clear user interface and terminology;
  • Video instructions on basic operations and informative references;
  • Actual exchange rates and payment history.

According to the terms of the special offer, when signing the Agreement on electronic documents exchange, customers can take an advantage of Rosbank’s remote services on favorable conditions. Rosbank does not charge commission for key generation for each new user on e-token and does not charge a subscription fee for Internet Client-Bank usage.
"We are focused on meeting the financial needs of our customers and try to make their daily work with the bank easier and more comfortable. Until the end of 2015 corporate clients of Rosbank will have an opportunity to use Rosbank Internet Client-Bank free of charge and appreciate the advantages of its remote service”, Rosbank Director of Commercial Strategy and Marketing Department Victoria Dyachkova says.

* Corporate clients are legal entities with the annual revenue of 400 million rubles being clients of Rosbank.


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