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Account management, payments and transfers, opening of deposits and repayment of loans, information on bills and cards. For registration, you need a bank card and a mobile phone.
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Rosbank offers to open savings account

Rosbank provides clients with the opportunity to open savings accounts within banking services packages. Savings account is a convenient option which allows managing cash and earning interest simultaneously.

Savings account can be opened in Russian rubles, USA dollars or Euros for an unlimited period of time and without any restrictions concerning minimum balance or withdrawal/replenishment sums. It is also possible to make inter- and intra-bank money transfers, as well as conversion operations via the account. Savings accounts can be managed online 24 hours a day via the Internet-bank or ROSBANK Online mobile application.

The interest rates for the account depend on the banking services package chosen and balance on the account. The interest is accrued according to the month’s average balance and is paid monthly with capitalization. The maximum interest rate for the savings account within the “Classic package” amounts to 3.5% per annum in rubles should the balance exceed 50 000 rubles. For the account within the “Gold package” the interest rate reaches 4.5% per annum in case the balance is over 250 000 rubles. The “Premium package” presupposes 6% per annum with the balance over 2 000 000 rubles.

“We continue to broaden the scope of services for our retail clients as far as cash management services and savings devices are concerned. Savings accounts are to become a perfect addition to the existing banking services packages providing convenient and flexible facilities for cash management and interest earning.Mikhail Chamrov, Head of Rosbank Retail Products and Marketing Department, commented. – The interest is accrued according to the account balance as of the end of each day while being paid monthly. Thus, the income that the client receives is based on average calculation but not on the minimal balance during the month, which not infrequently is much more profitable for clients as compared to the offers provided by other market participants.”

Money kept on savings accounts are insured in the order and amount corresponding to the Federal law on insurance of household deposits in banks of the Russian Federation.