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8 800-200-54-34 Toll-free calls within Russia
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Rosbank presents the first Russian Instagram banking series ‘Bank! Bank! Show’

Rosbank and SNP Communications agency started promoting financial literacy in Instagram and Facebook. This fall the first season of ‘Bank! Bank! Show’ mini-series has started.

Each episode lasts 1 minute or less and responds to the topical banking question: ‘How one can trust banks in Russia?’, ‘How to understand which bank is better?’, ‘What happens with ruble?’ and etc. The answers are given in the creative way. The first season will consist of 5 episodes – sports news on the Match TV channel, couplets, rap battle, grunge ballad and an opera aria. Characters of the series are drawn cartoon heroes of the Rosbank Team creative concept which exists already for a year and a half.

Episode 1. Which bank is cooler?

Episode 2. How to not pay the old fashioned way?

Episode 3. How one can trust banks in Russia?

Anastasia Zhilina, Head of the Advertising Unit of Rosbank: “We wanted to make a funny and useful product for those who don't read long texts, but check the news in Instagram every half an hour. It answers to the most topical financial questions in a playful way”.
Vladimir Chesnokov, Creative Director of SPN Communications agency: "When we were creating brand characters we knew sooner or later they would get out of control and begin living their own life: getting fat, having love affairs and battling at the freestyle venues. Since it's inevitable we decided to let them tell something useful."

To see the new series of the ‘Bank! Bank! Show’ you can follow Instagram, Facebook and Youtube accounts:


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