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Rosbank signed a collaboration agreement with MGIMO

Rosbank signed a collaboration agreement with MGIMO

Rosbank and Moscow State Institute of International Relations closed a frame collaboration agreement. The document was officially signed by Ilya Polyakov, CEO of Rosbank and Anatoly Torkunov, MGIMO Counsellor. According to the text of the document, the system of partnership will be established between Rosbank and MGIMO. It will be aimed at the development of educational, research and professionally-oriented activities. The agreement was signed in the year of the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of International Economic Relations.

« The closing of the collaboration agreement is a new landmark in the relations between Rosbank and the university. Our employees are performing with lectures in the university, many MGIMO students are undergoing internship in Rosbank and the graduates build their career here, develop professionally and occupy positions in management. We count on the fruitful collaboration with MGIMO and hope that the number of students that will choose Rosbank as a place for their internship and a future workplace will grow significantly. We realize that the future is in the talented young people and MGIMO is a real forgery of such human resources that is confirmed by the long history of the university and the success that its graduates achieve. It is important for Rosbank as a part of Societe Generale Group that MGIMO is a leading university that train high-class specialists that are well aware of the peculiarities of international activities and adapt easily to the specificities of the work in an international company. »
Ilya Polyakov, Сhairman of the management board

MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) is one of the leading Russian universities that train specialists in 18 profiles. It was founded in 1944. In 2016 it was first in the world according to the QS rating in the category “Graduates’ employment during the year after the graduation”. MGIMO was the 350th in the world (and the 5th in Russia after classical and technical Russian universities), leaving behind many leading foreign institutions, including George Washington University, American University, Descartes University of Paris and Kent University.

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