Rosbank supported Junior Golf Championship of Russia 2015

On August 13, there was held the final of the Junior Golf Championship of Russia 2015 where the strongest juniors of the country were defined. Competitions were held under the auspices of the Russian Golf Association (AGR) and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation at Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club. Rosbank, the official AGR bank, supported and took an active part in the organization of the Junior Golf Championship of Russia 2015.

On the final day of competition 79 juniors from all over Russia competed for the main prize of the tournament at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in Tseleevo. Among them there were eight foreign players who participated in this tournament. There were participants from Britain, Spain, Hungary and Kazakhstan. The winners of the competition are David Nagiyev, Sophia Anokhina, Daniel Barrios Milyukov, Anastasia Bakal, Artemy Yalovenko and Alla Baranchukova.

Later on, there was held the first golf tournament for the media - Media Golf Cup. Alexander Sorokin, Roman Semenchenko and Anastasia Zabolotskaya were the strongest golfers among journalists who won this tournament.

Awarding ceremony took place at the Golf Academy. Director of the Russian Golf Association, Alexander Kochetkov thanked the participants and partners for great emotions, highlighted good results of young golfers. Rosbank awarded all the winners of Junior Golf Championship of Russia and the winners of Media Golf Cup with special prizes and gifts.
"Today, the golf industry in Russia is growing rapidly, and Rosbank actively promotes golf among the general population, supporting Russian championships and golf tournaments at the federal and regional levels. We will pay a special attention to the development of children and youth golf, because the champions should be raised from the childhood", commented Elena Kojadei, head of corporate communications and advertising at Rosbank.

This year, Rosbank will also support the Golf Cup of Russia, three regional tournaments and will hold its first corporate event - Rosbank Golf Cup - which will bring together amateur golfers, including top managers and clients of the bank. 


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