Rosbank took part in the conference organized by the Russian Association of Corporate Treasurers

The conference “Consolidation of Treasury Function and Implementation of Cash Management System Solution” was held together with the Russian Association of Corporate Treasurers and VTB in PwC Office.

The event was attended by representatives of the treasuries of a great number of the largest Russian companies, as well as lead experts in cash management of Russian banks.

The main item on the agenda was the joint presentation of Zarubezhneft, PwC and Rosbank “Cash Management: from Challenges to Opportunities” on the business case of the Consolidation of Treasury Function and Implementation of Cash Management System Solution in Zarubezhneft.

Elena Ilyushina, PwC Senior Manager, told about preliminary findings on the research of the treasury function in Russia, having noted that many companies consolidated their treasuries, however, high potential to scale up treasury functions, and liquidity management efficiency still remains.

Zarubezhneft represented by its advisor to Economics and Finance Deputy CEO Marina Kulbitskaya elaborated on the delivered solution, project KPI, and challenges. All speakers highlighted high-grade teamwork of the client, the bank and PwC consultants.

At the conference, Rosbank was represented by Senior Vice-President Irina Usacheva, and Chief of Integrated Corporate Settlements Division Dmitry Shendrik. Irina spoke on the strong focus of Societe Generale represented by Rosbank on operations on the Russian market, in particular, on offering custom built solutions to its clients. The bank has collaborated with Zarubezhneft since 2005, and the cash management project has been an organic continuation of long-term strategic relations. Dmitry emphasized effective adaptation of cash management solutions practiced by Rosbank when developing and implementing the project for Zarubezhneft. Deadlines were very tight, but due to seamless teamwork, the project was implemented within the deadlines.


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