Rosbank website in TOP-10 ranking of the most efficient banks by Markswebb agency

Markswebb Rank & Report agency presented results of research on the Russian banks websites efficiency. Rosbank website has entered the TOP-10 with the 9th position in the ranking. The survey involved more than 30 most frequently visited banking websites.
Markswebb Rank & Report experts assessed the websites by more than 400 criteria, among which there were the following ones: the effectiveness of the accomplishment of user queries, such as search, selection and purchase of banking products; the quality of clients support.
Markswebb’s ranking is another one achievement of Rosbank’s team developing the website. In 2015 the website saw substantial changes: the homepage interface and the header of the website were considerably modified, new interactive elements and images were added, “Individuals” and “Company Profile” sections were updated, and the ATMs search options, including the map, were significantly improved. While updating the sections the developers aimed at taking users’ preferences into account by considering the offers sent in with the help of the website Feedback form. More than that, Rosbank website is now integrated with the ATM monitoring system, which allows to find data on current ATM performance on the website.
In 2015 Rosbank website won the silver prize at the XV "Golden Website" National Internet Contest. 


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